Edelmann Web-Print 52 -Sheeter, 2009

Brand: Edelmann
Model: Web-Print 52 -Sheeter
Built: 2009
Format: 6″ up to 24″
Condition: in Top Condition

Edelmann Web-Print 52

Serie nr: 1613 / 16

Built: 05/2009

Unwinder 50″ max diameter

Infeed unit including Eltromat re-insert system

Length slitting -scissors type single sheeter

Sheeter with delevery table variable size

Eltromat DGC650

Serie nr: 13641

Built: 12/1997

In Top condition -Production Ready

Can produce Double width in two streams.

A4 – No problem, all formats between 6” up to 24”.

Extra length slitting knifes, of scissor type, are mounted in the sheeter.

Eltromat system with Magic Eye

The machine have been built and used for producing offline package leaflets 

for the pharmaceutical industry.

Edelmann 1-6