Horizon AFC-744 AKT, 2007 -SOLD to Latvia

Brand: Horizon
Model: AFC-744 AKT
Built: 2008
Format: 738 x 1100mm
Condition: In Stock
Counter:  22.949.618


Cross folding machine AFC-744 AKT

4 buckles cross folder with pile feeder

Technology: touch & work

Roller adjustment: Automatic

Memory folding types: 20 standard types of fold pre-programmed

Saveable jobs: 200 memories for repeat orders

Number of buckles / knife: 4 buckles, 1 knife + 1 buckle, 1 knife

Knifes working method: Full automatic

Sheet size:

Max: 738 x 1100mm; Min: 210 x 297mm, Paper weight: 40 – 250g/sqm

Speed: Max. 40.000 cycles/h

Stack height: Max. 1200mm

Pile weight: Max. 1000kg

Power: 400V / 50Hz – 3,4kW

Dimensions: 4160 x 1660 x 1650mm

Weight: 1800kg