Horizon SPF20A with TC8 towers

Brand: Horizon
Model: SPF20A
Built: 1999-2008
Condition: Very Good
Counter:  3.3mio books

TC-8a Air suction Tower, Counter 3,3 mio. books

TC-8b Air Suction Tower

SPF-20A Stitching and Folding unit

FC-20A Front Cutter

LC-20 Long delivery table


Horizon TC-8


– air suction collator TC-8a

– air suction collator TC-8b

Horizon TC-8a + Horizon TC-8b
air-suction collators:

– model: air-suction collator
– bins: 8 each collator
– error avoidance: misfeed-,doublefeed- and jamming control
– expandable to 2 collators (16 bins)

– doublecycle (nonstop-work)
– inject (simply and doubly)
– booklet making program
– block program
– selective collating

– sheet size: max. 500x350mm; min. 148x120mm
– paper weight: 23-270g/qm
– loading height: 95mm/ bin

– production speed: max. 3.200 cycles/h

– power: 400V/50Hz – 2,50kW
– dimension: 980x850x2.050mm
– weight: 703kg each tower

SPF20A with TC8 towers -a