Horizon Stitchliner SL 5500, 2005/2007 -SOLD to Taiwan

Brand: Horizon
Model: Stitchliner SL 5500
Built: 2005/2007
Booklet Size (Before Trim): Max. 350 x 250mm, Min. 148 x 103mm
Condition: Good
Counter: 13,9 mio. booklets.


Vac 60Ha Collator

Vac 60Hm Collator

Vac 60Hm Collator

ST-40 Bypass Stacker

ACF-30 Accumulator/Folder

SPF-30 Saddle Stitcher

HTS-30 Three Knife Trimmer

TB-30 Cutting Waste Extractor

PK-30 Preset Kicker with Conveyor

Packed and secured on original pallets and crates