MAN Roland 908-6 LTTLV UV, 2003 -SOLD

Built: 2003
Counter: 149 mio. imps.

Max. sheet size: 1000 x 1400mm
Min. Sheet size: 600 x 850mm
Max. Print area: 990 x 1400mm
thickness of material: up to 1,0mm
start of print: 85mm
Machine speed: 13.000 sheets per hour

Double coater press, interdeck dryer and dryer in delivery.
Perfect machine for packaging printing.
Cleaned, technically overhauled/reconditioned.

Rolandmatic Deltamatic Dampening
Ink. temperature control
New ink duct rollers ceramic
Dampening duct rollers ceramic
New rubber rollers according to customers choice
Technotrans BetaD recirculation
PPL – Power Plate Loading
RCI – Remote Control Inking
Auto Blanket, Roller & Impression Cylinder wash by brush
Chromed Cylinders
Preset – Job Card reader with PECOM
CIP 3 Link
UV interdeck dryer system on all units possible
2 transfermodules between coater modules
Nordson Drying Equipment
End of press UV or IR dryer & Hot Air
Airglide Nonstop delivery, extended
Kersten Antistatic device
Grafix Powder Spray
Steel Plate in Delivery
Plinth preparation/elevation on plinths possible
Extended Delivery
Non Stop Delivery

Available immediately

Brand:  MAN Roland
Model:  908-6 LTTLV UV
Built:  2003
Format:  1000 x 1400mm
Condition:  Very Good
Counter: 149 mio. imps.