Xerox ASF 100, Stitcher/Folder -SOLD to Spain

The ASF 100 Automatic Stapler-Folder can fold and saddle-staple booklets of up to 20 sheets. Inline, proportional stapling ensures a reliably tight and secure staple. This is a must-have if you need to put together manuals, reports, proposals, directories, study packs of catalogs.

It folds, staples, and ejects very quickly. It accepts several different sizes of paper, and has automatic (motorized) adjustment of settings for each. There is a mechanical action that makes sure the packet is straightened/stacked properly before the fold and staple.
It is sensor driven, and automatically starts when paper is inserted.

Staple-Folder for booklets up to 20 sheets.
With motorized adjustment settings for several different sizes of
paper A4/A3 and 2 extra programmable sizes.
Automatically trims according to paper size
Automatic paper size change
Speed up to 2800 sets per hour
2 x heavy duty staple heads
Max paper size = 303mm x 446mm (W x L)
Min paper size = 210mm x 279mm (W x L)
Hand feed
Conveyor belt delivery
Paper weight: 60-200gsm